Random Topic Post: Music

Getting an early start to my day….   In general and in blogging……  OK, blogging anyway (I’m usually up by 6am or before and get going around 7 or 8 or earlier).

Today the word I have is…..  Music

5 Minute Timer…. And Go….

I love listening to music.  I can’t drive in the truck or ride my bike without music playing.  Even on my rebounder I’m listening to music.  Lately our son has developed a desire to listen to his own brand of music that differs from that of mine or his father (my husband).  My husband is into more of the classics and oldies.  I’m more into country and soft rock type stuff (70’s 80’s 90’s).  My son.  He seems to like the more modern rock stuff.  To be honest I’m not sure what category to put the music he likes in.  It’s not hard rock with screaming and screeching, but it’s not the soft rock that I listen to.  The good news is that the station he likes to listen to when he’s in the truck with me isn’t half bad.  So I can let him take over the radio without cringing.  Pappa??  That’s another story.  I don’t think he’d be to willing to number one let our son have control of the radio dial or two listen to the music  are son likes to listen to.  We all have our different tastes in music as I told my son the other day….  “That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


One thought on “Random Topic Post: Music

  1. It’s nice you get to enjoy the music your son listens to. I know what you mean about needing music during a commute. I joke that I am ‘music-dependent.’ Glad to have an mp3 player to mix things up or even a cassette player handy.


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