Daily Prompt Challenge: Honesty

This is actually yesterday’s “Daily Prompt Challenge  from the folks over at Daily Post.   I did look at today’s challenge (Beyond the Pale), but just couldn’t think of anything to write on that one.

Yesterday asks about Honesty or rather “Truth or Dare” – “Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?” (direct quote from their page).

Honesty is always a good thing, but at the the same time you can be too honest…  It is not always the best policy to reveal everything.  I’m not saying you should be deceitful or lie out right, but some things don’t need to be said (or can be said in a less than blunt manner).

My dad once gave this piece of advice, “Answer the questions they ask and ONLY the questions they ask….  don’t elaborate don’t say more than what they ask for”.  I believe he said this when I was going in for a deposition after getting burned by hot water on an airplane.   This same advice would hold true later when I was getting my son’s circumcision….   “Is the Mother Jewish”…. “Yes, I am”…  which is the complete truth.  I am of jewish heritage (I’m not saying I’m overly religious or nothing).  It wasn’t asked about the father who was born and raised Southern Baptist, but has embrassed jewish culture, learning, etc since his early teens nor was it asked about who, how, what, where, why of our personal beliefs….  The question was in regards to my jewish jeritage and that is what I answered.

There are many examples out there of times when it is best to not reveal everything unless of course asked.  And even then you need to be careful….  A big one that comes up a lot is when a women is asking how she looks.  You really have to factor in the women in question and your relationship with her.  Some women are more sensitive to others of criticism (they ask, but don’t really want the truth) plus if you don’t know a women well (ie don’t have a super good friendship or a relationship with her) telling her she’s fat as a blimp or that her outfit looks like cat shit on a dog might just get you slapped (or worse).  Or how about when someone asks how are you doing….    You might find yourself saying “It’s going fine” or “It’s going okay” when in fact you’ve had a lousy day.  Why ??  Because not everyone is going to really care what kind of day you’ve had and certainly aren’t going to want to hear that it was bad.   And in cases where they might be interested in hearing….  You may not be up to answering the “twenty” (read twenty hundred) questions they might have for you.

Honestly can be a good thing, but like anything else… Too much of a good thing can sometimes become a bad thing (or at least bite you in rear).

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Challenge: Honesty

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