Zero to Hero: Day 2 – Your Name

Today’s “challenge” was more of an assignment than something to blog about….  Pick out a title and tagline for your blog and then create a short description that can be made into a Text Widget.  Here’s a couple informational links: Get Configured and Widgets 101)

I decided I liked the name of my blog  – Jottings and Writings – just fine.  I feel that it still fits as well as anything else, as most of what I do here is just jotting (or rather typing) thoughts and (taking stabs at) Writing Short Stories.  The  tagline needed a little work however.  What I had was okay, but just not enough.  As for the “Text Widget”….  I knew Widgets existed but didn’t specifically know that “Text” Widgets existed.  I believe the specifics were to come up with an “About Me” (referring to yourself of your blog) description and use that to create the Text Widget.  So now I’ve got that done…..  Can’t wait to see what the challenge/assignment for tomorrow is over at Zero to Hero


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