Random Topic Post (Back at it): Childhood

Took a bit of a hiatus (ok a long one), but at it again.  Just picked out today’s word, but haven’t looked at it yet….  First to get my timer all set…..

Now that that’s done, my word today is *drumroll*………


5 minute timer set…..  And Go……

Childhood?  I remember my childhood, well vaguely.   Sometimes, though, I think my memory of my childhood is more intact than my current memory.

I could probably speak/type hours on memories from my childhood, but i’ve only got 5 minutes (under 4 now)….  I can’t really tell you what my very first actual memory of my childhood is.  I remember things like sitting on the floor at my mom’s studio while she was working (art or writing?),  I remember sitting in a canoe tied up in our backyard pretending to “pilot” it, I remember our “summer” house up above the Winchuck or Chetco River in Brookings, OR (forget exactly which river it was).    I remember walking to school in Eugene, OR….

Yikes, time is getting away from me here….

I think I had a pretty good childhood all in all.  It wasn’t all perfect… Lost my mom at 5 years old, shipped off to my Aunt & Uncles shortly after.  Got teased a lot for being short (and other reasons).  Had several surgeries for cholesteotoma….  But all in all a good childhood….  And here I am out of time 😉



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