Up a Tree (A Friday Fiction short story)

Figured I’d take a stab at this week’s Friday Fiction put out by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (I always have to double check to make sure I’m getting the name right).

burrowing picture from Rochelle’s blog

Andrea came running outside at the sound of her daughter’s high pitched screams. The first thought that came to her mind was that she was hurt, injured somehow. With her curious & fearless daughter anything was possible and she mentally prepared herself for just that – anything.

Her breath rushed back in to her body as she caught site of her daughter, safe & sound, on the ground looking up at the large oak tree in their back yard.

“Mommy, Puppy” her daughter cried pointing up at the floppy eared mutt they had just adopted from the ASPCA .

“it’s ok Lindsey, I’ll get him down” Andrea assured her daughter as she went to retrieve the ladder from the shed. It wasn’t the first time, since they brought the crazy mutt home, that she’d had to “rescue” him from the tree.


14 thoughts on “Up a Tree (A Friday Fiction short story)

  1. I think that story is not finished! See, there needs to be a problem when mom goes up the ladder. Maybe a rung breaks, or the whole thing collapses. Mom is left hanging by her fingertips from the branches. Now mom and puppy are stuck in the tree. The plot thickens! I would have the puppy gingerly come over and start licking her fingers. And it tickles. Mom’s grip is loosening. Suddenly, her fingers slide off and she drops to the ground…She drops a whole 2 feet to the soft earth of her under-the-tree garden. And puppy comes running down the side of the tree wagging his tail! (That is what I’d call a shaggy dog tale…) There are all kinds of ways to thicken the plot. This was just one idea. The more unusual, the more interesting. And yes, I did take creative writing classes when I was going to college in my single days. It was so much fun! The most memorable assignment was, what to do with a dead horse found in your frozen pasture on Christmas day. One story had the main character cut it up with a chain saw to haul it off..Not mine though. I made mine funny, of course.


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