A look Back at #WWBH


Every Wednesday the ladies of WWBH (Nicole, Carrie, LeAnne, and myself) bring you the weekly prompts for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop challenge (or is it Wednesday Writer – I always go with the first myself).  It started out with 1 picture, 5 words, and 500 (but you can fudge) word limit, but it we all decided to switch things up a bit and go with 2 pictures that must be connected in your story – still the same 500 word limit (but you can still fudge). With the holidays and vacations and such it was decided to take a break (but we’ll be back next week with new (no dobut) exciting prompts….

This week, since we’re looking back at WWBH I thought I’d share a couple of favorites from my own WWBH stories, but first a couple of my faves written by the wonderful co-hosts and others who have joined in….  Of course there’s so many good stories that picking favorites isn’t an easy task.

The Curse (an on going Blog Hop story) by Nicole (I’ve only got one for Nicole, but it’s actually several-in-one.

When she first joined us (at my nagging and prodding 😉 LeAnne insisted that fiction writing wasn’t her forte (she’s more the ‘orange‘ pen & paper….  editing type gal,  but she has proven her (hidden) talent of writing fiction that has surpassed expectation and, on occasion, had me on the edge of my seat.  A few of my favorites from her were: Chocolate Milk and Hope, Don’t Eat the Berries, and Lost Again

I was looking for some WWBH stories by Carrie, but couldn’t seem to find any.  She had to step back a bit (for personal reasons (anything she’s wanted to share publicly  will be on her blog).  Ohhh she’s still  here posting the  WWBH reveal/kickoffs each week and putting together the monthly WWBH ad winners (see below for the 2013 winners).

The storyline that I’ve really enjoyed by Scott was his “Cap’t Monkey and Tooele Boy” stories.  The latest (that I found was “The Big Decision“.  I wonder if he’ll be writing more with those two characters (and I mean that in both senses of the word).  Another really good one (written recently was one called “Remembering” (which was not apart of the Captain Monkey series).

Tony Roberts Stepped in with this one that I thought was a really good fan-fiction play (based on Gilligan’s Island): Gilligan’s Birthday.

Some other great WWBH stories:

The Ghosts in the Garage by HJ Musk

Baby Doll by Graveyard of my mind

Market Day by Sally

My first WWBH  story (April 26, 2012) was part of my Murder at the Amusement Park series (the goal being to write on that storyline each week – a goal that I failed miserably).  I joined the WWBH team shortly after in July of 2012.  A few favorites that I wrote (if I may toot my horn for a second):

You Did All You Could

NaBloPoMo/WWBH story

No Heroe’s Death (the story is fictional, but the informational links are very real)

A Strange Light (my try at a little bit of paranormal)

My all time favorite was Angel Kisses (written for Veteran’s Day)

One last thing before I leave (to work on another blog post challege – due today).  A list of the past WWBH winners from 2013 (burrowed from Carrie at Chasing Revery):

Past Winners

Continuing to Celebrate the Lucky Ones!

November 2013 WWBH Pompt:
Tony Roberts @ A Way With Words
Won: A Front Page Ad for December 2013

sally's button

October 2013 WWBH Pompt:
Sally Stackhouse @ Sally Scribbles
Won: A Front Page Ad for November 2013

September 2013 WWBH Pompt:
Scott Taylor @ Scotty Watty Doodle All The Day
Won: A Front Page Ad for October 2013

August 2013 WWBH Prompt:
Ellen Peterson
Won: An Ad Spot for September 2013

July 2013 WWBH (Snapshot) Prompt:
Christopher Shawbell
Won: A Front Page Ad for August 2013

June 2013 Snapshot Prompt:
JP Rambling
Won: A Front Page Ad for July 2013

May 2013 Snapshot Prompt:
David Bastiani
Won: A Front Page Ad for June 2013

sally's button

April 2013 Snapshot Prompt:
Sally Stackhouse @ Sally Scribbles
Won: A Front Page Ad for May 2013

March 2013 Snapshot Prompt:
AR Neal @ One Starving Activist
Won: A Front Page Ad for April 2013

February 2013 Snapshot Prompt:

Won: A Front Page Ad for March 2013
Monthly Ad WinnerJanuary 2013 Snapshot Prompt:
Chris Shawbell @ The Graveyard of my Mind
Won: A Front Page Ad for February 2013

December 2012 Snapshot Pompt:
Scott Taylor @ Scotty Watty Doodle All The Day
Won: A Front Page Ad for January 2013

And now I  leave you with these thoughts:

Stop and smell the coffee


and the Rose


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