30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 23: Winning the Lottery

This is very much like the Daily Prompt challenge I did the other day Winner – where we were to write what we’d do if won a billion dollars…. No strings attached, No taxes owed.

What I would do, if I won the lottery, really depends on the amount (which isn’t specified in this challenge). Of course there’d be the 10% tithe off the top as well as another 10% to charity(ies) – most likely ones that were related to Supporting our First Responders (fire, EMS, police, troops). After that, there are a number of things that we’d like to get…. Things that we can live without (because we have been), but would really make things easier – I won’t bore you with a list. Being able to buy our house outright would be nice and a “Brand New” truck would be good also.


One thought on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 23: Winning the Lottery

  1. Ah yes, the sweepstakes wish list. I don’t think I would be such a good girl as you. For one thing, I don’t believe that our Elohim needs or wants non-profit orgs for his people. It’s not scriptural. And if you’re into the Brit Hadicha (sp?) read Hebrews 7: 5, 12 and 18. Verse 5 establishes what law is being referred to in this context. So, basically, our giving is to Biblical orgs that directly benefit someone in a significant way. Since we do own our place, or rather the bank does so long as we are paying a mortgage, I am not too concerned about that, except to pay it off! We also have a trust established, so I’d like to buy some more houses and put them in the trust. I’d offer them to my kids for probably minimal rent if any and enjoy having my grandkids closer! If I won a really big sweepstakes, I’d probably buy some rental properties and have someone else manage them. I’d like to have some serious acreage up here too. 7 acres is not nearly enough to do some of the things I’d like to, like maybe raise a small herd of buffalo (bison). I think our wish lists really rather exposes our dreams…:-)


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