Memories: What Might Have Been

The other day I found myself listening to What Might Have Been (youtube) on the radio…..

In my naivety  I thought in terms of forever, but forever wasn’t to be for us.  As the song goes, “We have taken different roads….  We can’t go back….”  They say that life goes on, but a heart never forgets it’s first.

Do I regret any of the relatively small (in the whole scheme of life) time we had together?  No! Never!  Sure there were some unsavory moments (aren’t there in any relationship) and (of course), but there were lessons learned and memories that will stay in my heart a lifetime.

Have I ever looked back and wondered “What might have been”? Yes, once upon a time I did….  But I’ve realized over the years that it doesn’t matter because what might have been isn’t what happened and will never be…..  No, life goes on but a heart never forgets.


One thought on “Memories: What Might Have Been

  1. We have all had our heartbreaks, I think. Me too. And yeah, we do let the water go that’s under the bridge and count our blessings today. What went wrong, went away, and wasn’t meant to be. God’s still in control, and thankfully He knows what He’s doing!


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