Daily Prompt Challenge: WINNER

Daily post puts out a “daily prompt” challenge each morning. I’ll admit I haven’t been doing the challenge on a daily basis, but picking out the ones I feel I can blog something on…..

Today’s challenge is Winner (for photographers, artists, poets = show RICHES).

The lead up, is that you’ve just won a billion dollars – free & clear (no strings) and you DON’T owe any taxes.

My first thought is “I MUST be dreaming” I rarely win anything and when I do (those “games” where everyone is a winner) I’m more likely than not to get the lesser or consolation type prize… And to not pay taxes – okay I’m definitely dreaming….

But just for the moment lets assume this could actually happen shall we???

I just did some number crunching…..

If I took out ten percent (100 million( and gave to tithe, and an equal portion to charity… That leaves 800 million…. Let’s take out *700 million and set aside – which leaves a cool mill (or is the saying a “cool thou”). Take say 500 thousand and buy the house we’re in and do mods (or move if we found better place, but hear is nice). 50 thousand and get BRAND NEW truck and another 50 thousand to pay off any debts….

We’re still looking at nearly 100mill (99,400,000 to be more exact) if did math right…. Of course I’d want to have “fun” money for the family and for each of us individually, but almost 20 mill — DANG!!!

Ohhh, wait, let’s take out the 99 mill and get ourselves a really nice motor home….. So now we’re left with 400 thousand – which would come to “Eighty thousand dollars” – where have I heard that before? Ohhh, right, Smokey and the Bandit – for each of the three of us, for the family as a whole, and for “gifts” etc for others.

Back to the *700 mill – set aside….. I must have done something wrong with figuring first time around. This time I’m getting ” 3,500,000″ at 1/2 %. Divide that by 12 months and that’s 291,666.6666666667 per month….., and I’ve redone several times….. But it is all just wishful thinking!!!



11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Challenge: WINNER

  1. Real easy to spend. Not so easy to win. You remember that old saying, “Don’t count your chicks before they hatch.” ? It will make you depressed about having to live within your means. Count your blessings instead. I’d rather see you smile. As far as winnings go, we’ll both cross that bridge when we come to it. I enter sweepstakes myself…


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