30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 19: Favorite Movie

Dang it, I did it again…. Skipped a day again. But, as I recently advised a fellow blogger, I must get back in the saddle (well I didn’t exactly word it that way). So, here’s the post that should have been yesterday’s (today’s to follow)…

Day 19: Favorite Movie

To be honest I haven’t watched a lot of movies in recent years. One of my favorite movies as a child was “Wizard of Oz”… I wrote about reading the book in the Day 12 Challenge: Favorite Childhood Book. I also wrote about arguing (and whining) with the son of a family friend to get my way…. I forgot to mention, in that blog post, that that happened on a number of occasions…. I’m sure he thought I was an incredible brat (which I probably was) and I’m pretty certain we drove out respective parent batty with our bickering and fighting. In the end I would get my way and get to watch the movie I wanted (though not necessarily always fairly).

Another one of my favorites was Airplane. At one point I had seen the movie so many times, I could just about recite from memory.

I think the latest movies I watched was from Emergency! – Townsend Act, Steel Inferno (?), One with fire on ferry, and the one with airplane crash (?). I think I even got to see (or at least parts of) the final Emergency! movie.


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