30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Happy

Day 20: What makes you happy

I won’t say nothing makes me happy, but I don’t go around with a smile on my face all the time – in fact, sometimes I look downright surly. Often times I feel to tired to smile. I guess the one thing that makes me smile is watching little kids and how they interact with the world.

Yesterday I had stopped by son’s gramma’s house and a neighbor’s little girl was outside. Her (and her little sister) were playing with gramma’s cat. It was a treat watching them interact with the kitty. The older one must be 5 at most (maybe younger) and the youngest not even 2. So precious watching them talking to kitty as if he would understand and obey. Yes, kids are a joy to watch…. There antics and actions often bring a smile to my face & laughter to my heart…… And nothing more so than that of a child laughing themselves.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Happy

  1. I can almost see you mile as I read that post~ Good job~ For the written word to cause the reader to emote is what I call good writing!
    As for me, I like baby animals and their antics too. We’ll have baby lambs this spring, and they are so fun. I also hope to have some baby rabbits too. Gotta build a nesting box though, and have the weather warm up some before I put the female in with the male…With the young, everything is so innocent, un-premeditated and fresh.


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