Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – A Look Back.

We’ve (gosh it’s been so long since I’ve hosted, I’m not sure I should still count myself) decided to take/go on a hiatus (brain cells have ceased to function on which is correct expression) for the next couple weeks. Instead we are looking back at our favorites… Little hard for me to do as I am blogging from my phone and don’t have access to all the WWBH blogs (don’t think I’d have on computer come to think).

Before I go any further, let me introduce you to the WWBH family. Carrie (Chasing Revery) and Nicole (The World of My Imagination) who are the original two co-hosts (don’t remember now – though I’ve been told – who first spearheaded the WWBH idea). Don’t remember how or why I got in on the gig and soon got a great online friend to join in Leanne at “Writings & Ruminations

Another blogger who regularly joins the WWBH challenge with his “Captain Monkey and Toole Boy” stories is Scott at “Scotty Watty Doodle

Leanne did a beautiful job on her Blog Hop story for last week “Chocolate Milk and Hope.

I think my favorite blog hop was the one done for Veterans Day (I believe it was a year ago…. WWBH: November 14, 2012 for which there was 4 entries: Daddy’s Little Girl by Heather Musk, Through A Child’s Eyes by Scott Taylor, Fulfilling A Promise by LeAnne Sype, and my own story Angel Kisses.

To read more of my WWBH Posts (including prompts &
“My Stories” click here

Have yourself a wonderful and Happy Holiday Season


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