30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17: Favorite Blogs.

Missed posting yesterday’s blog, so having to do two blogs today for 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today’s challenge asks you to post a self photo, but I’ll get to that later (not sure if I have a good picture available anyway). So, for now…..

Day 17: Favorite Blogs

There are actually several good blogs out there. Two have been doing the 30 day blog challenge – Someday, Laurin (who was actually responsible for my joining in) and Our24YearGap. Another that has joined in is Some kinda Odd

Another blog challenge I join weekly is put out by Cee Neur (Cee’s Photography) – who also does some beautiful photography work. A couple other challenges I’ve jumped I on a few times (though haven’t had a chance to do as much lately) are Rochelle Field’s “Friday Fiction“, Lillie McFerrin’s “Five Sentence Fiction“, and WordPresses own (?) “Daily Post“. Through these challenges I also “met” another great blogger Debbie maudlin at “Mamma Bear Musings

There’s also the weekly Writer Wednesday Blog Hop hosts – Nicole Pyles at “World of My Imagination” and Carrie at “Chasing Revery“. Joining (along with myself – if I still count) Leanne Sype at “Writings and Ruminations” (she says fiction writing isn’t/wasn’t her thing – but I beg to differ).

I could go on, but you can see a list of blogs I follow to the right if you scroll down (as well as a list of Fire, Medic, and Police service blogs listed on my FES Tidbits blog

I still need to do today’s challenge post…… And I really ought to do something for WWBH….. Stay Tuned…..


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