30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14: Healthy Habits

The goal of this blog challenge is to start of (whatever day) with “Day One” and just blog each day for 30 days using the topic for that day.  Join the 30 Day Challenge.

GRRRR (insert angry face). In the process of copying text from a previous post, I inadvertently hit the “publish button on my phone – which, of course, has screwed up the sharing of this post on the various social media networks this blog is connected to.

Day 14: Healthy Habit

Today’s challenge has us writing (blogging) about our Healthy Habits…. Healthy Habits?!? – I wouldn’t say I’m the most unhealthy person in the world (though I could stand to lose weight and be in better shape), but I’m certainly no health nut and don’t have any “healthy habits”.

On the plus side, I don’t smoke or do drugs; and I don’t drink to excess (a glass of wine in the evening at the most). I do like my 2 cups of coffee in the morning (which is said to have health benefits if drunk (drank?) in moderation…. And it is suppose to help some with asthma. While I do need to lose some weight I wouldn’t say I’m overly obese (could stand to lose about 40lbs.).

I try to keep my sweets eating down, but can have one hell of a sweet tooth at times. Since moving to Arizona, I got a new (to me) bike – followed by another (new to me). I’ve ridden a number of times taking son to & from scouts, quick trip to close by store, and a couple trips to volunteer job (though most if those rides have been a killer – and left me ready to give up).

Truth be told, I could stand to be healthier – to eat better and get more exercise – but I’m no health nut and don’t see that changing


2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14: Healthy Habits

  1. Tena, I think you are doing quite well, considering you care for a handicapped husband and a near teenage son. Exercise is almost more important than what you eat, although it’s easy to see you are trying. Your volunteer work is also great for mental health, which counts too. Make changes slowly, improving only one thing at a time. Stress is a killer too, so don’t be too hard on yourself, K?


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