WWBH (December 11, 2013) – My Story

As she pulled up to where the “Support our Heroes Day” event was being held, Barbara could see that there was a huge crowd of people.
Barbara was all for support of Fire, Police, Paramedics, and Military Personnel, but being exceedingly shy and withdrawn kept her from most gatherings like this. She tended to do her supporting anonymously from the sidelines. She had only agreed to
do this because a long time friend has asked for her help. The thought of being in the midst of all those people made her heart start skipping beats and a nauseous feeling began to rise in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t do this. Panic began to set in and she began to hyperventilate…..

“Ma’am?!?” It took Barbara a moment to realize that someone was knocking on her window, and another to realize that it was one of the security guards hired for the event.

Fighting for some semblance of control, Barbara rolled down her window.

“Everything all right ma’am” the guard asked.

Barbara swallowed hard.

“Yes, she replied”, doing her best to (hopefully) give the appearance that it was.

“You know you can’t stay parked here” the guard informed her kindly.

“I know….. I’m suppose to meet Sgt. Bailey….”

“Sgt. Bailey you say – Say, you wouldn’t happen to be Barbara Tweller would you?” The guard interrupted.

“Ummmm, yes, I would” Barbara replied pulling out her ID.

The young guard gave it a cursory glance before turning his attention back to her.

“Sergeant said that he was expecting someone named Barbara to be coming I today….. Said, if I saw her, ummmm you, that I should make sure you got to him okay.”

Following the security guard’s lead, Barbara pulled into a parking place nearby. Grabbing her purse and Frappuccino she had picked up earlier, Barbara got out of her car and followed the guard to meet her friend.


As she walked through the crowd, Barbara clutched her purse tightly like a talisman as she struggled not to give in to panic. A couple times she thought she felt the guards hand brush hers.

“Here we are, safe and sound” the young guard replied when the location where was Sgt. Bailey was.

“Thank you sir” Sgt. Bailey responded as Barbara smiled her thanks.

“Just doing what I was told, sir” the guard replied to the Sergeant, his smile directed at Barbara.

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