#NaBloPoMo (Final Day)

I actually meant to put this out yesterday, but just never got to it.  I thought I’d end November by putting together the list of Things I’m Thankful For (based on the “30 day: I am Thankful” challenge on Facebook – I’m not sure what the actual name of the challenge was).  I joined a few days late and some of the stuff I posted I was not able to retrieve (plus I may have missed a day or two in there):

30 Days of Thanks

Day 6: Roof Over My Head

Day 7: New Friends

Day 9: Old Friends

Day 10: Family

Day 11: Troops (who, daily, sacrifice life and limb – often without thanks)

Day 12: Meekah Kitty My Maine Coone mix)

Day 13: Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc – through which I’ve connected w/ many wonderful people)

Day 14: Bike

Day 18: Fire/EMS/Police Personnel

Day 19:  Dispatchers

Day 20: Ability to come up with stories in my head – now if I could only get them on paper.

Day 21: Bed

Day 22: Weekends

Day 23: Blue Fuzzy

Day 24:  Sweatshirt, Fire, and Coffee

Day 25: Warm Bed (via heating blanket)

Day  26: Sunrise

Day 27: Sunset

Day 28: Good Food (Turkey Enchiladas – a Tradition is born)

Day 29: Dana (my son’s gramma) & Kohl’s (Found the perfect gift for my son)

Day 30:  Phone


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