#NaBloPoMo: November 28

NaBloPoMo November 2013

My theme for the NaBloPoMo had been to do short stories (or pieces of short stories) – However, today I’m going to do different…. – Realizing, of course, that I’m all sorts of behind on daily blogging challenge (heck blogging in general). What kind of (insert appropriate self condemning type words here) did
I think I was to try and keep up with this….. But I digress.

This should be a time of Happiness &
Joy – right?!?. “Tis the season to be jolly”, “Happy Hannukah” (or this year – Thanksgivukkah), “Merry
Christmas” and so forth….. But for many this is a hard time of year. As we go into a time when family gathering are traditional, losses hit hard. Despite all this….. Amazingly, this time is (apparently) the lowest when it comes to
Suicide numbers according to an article at USAToday.com

As for me, this time of year is always hard – though much of it is more sub-conscious. My b-day is in August (okay, that can be considered good), as is my son’s (even better)….. But then September rolls around and the sadness begins. Not just because it brings the beginning of dreary weather, but for other reasons (other events). My mom was born in the month of September (which was when I should have been born (I was premie), married in the month of October, and died in the month of November (just after I turned 5). I also lost one gramma November (about 12 yrs ago) and one in December (back as a teen). Didn’t mean to run on….. Granted this is all old stuff and probably no big deal considering. The hardest is probably my mother even though it was the longest ago.

Happy Thanksgivukkah to all!!!!


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