#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 19, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Cr….. err   Da….ummmmmm Darn!!!  I knew I had missed a couple days or so in the NaBloPoMo challenge.  Didn’t realize it was 4 days (not counting today) – Not too mention the one that didn’t get done on the 19th because somewhere, somehow, something along the lines got screwed up and all the hard work I had done (using my phone) putting that post together that day simply vanished into thin air.   The problem with some of my writing is that I can’t always (in fact rarely) duplicate exactly what I’ve written the first time.

What’s that phrase???…….  “Onward and Upward”….. 


“Fi Tuck…..  Fi Tuck”

Jack found himself smiling at the little pint-sized barrel of energy who was busy trying to pull away from her mother so she could see the fire truck.

It was a bright point in Jack’s shift to see little Emily and her mother Brittanny as they went on their routine walk (up to a nearby park he recalled Brittanny mentioning one time when he had happened to ask where she was headed).  Every time she saw the “Fi Tuck” as she called it, Emily would jump up and down and pull her mother towards it.   Emily had recently turned “Five” – she had pronounced it very proudly and carefully pronouncing each letter.   Emily, Jack had learned suffered from massive hearing loss due to bone damage from a disease called cholesteotoma.   Apparently she could hear sounds okay (especially high pitched ones), but words were especially problematic – which explained why at five years old she had a hard time pronouncing words correctly.

Jack caught the little girl and lifted her up into the drivers seat and hit the siren causing the little girl to squeal with delight.  Then with a wink he reached over to hit the air horn.  Just as he expected she would, Brittanny nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of the loud horn.  Then, also as expected, she turned around and shot Jack a dirty look – glaring at him for scaring her.  Jack once again found himself smiling.  He often wished he could think of something more substantial to say to Brittanny than the usual (mundane) “How are you?  Where are you headed?  What’s going on?”

“How would you like to come to the Firefighter/Family picnic this weekend?” Jack asked Emily, making sure that he was facing her directly so she could read lips and attempting the little bit of sign language he had managed to pick up a few years ago.  Apparently the little girl had understood his attempts because she once again jumped up and down with delight.

“We probably should ask your mom first though” Jack said, as he glanced quickly up in Brittanny’s direction.   Emily followed suit and both put on their best “puppy dog face”

Emily sighed as her daughter and Captain Jack looked at her with soulful, “puppy-dog” eyes.   “Yes, we can go to a picnic this weekend she agreed mentally going through her schedule quickly in her mind.   Though she wondered what exactly Jack had in mind.

“Where is this picnic suppose to be taking place?” Brittanny asked

“You know where the old Wayford Memorial Park is?” Jack replied


“We’ll be setting up by the volleyball courts.


I’m sorry to do this, but it’s already 10:30 and I really should try to be up by 4:30 (earlier would be better).   I wanted to try to maybe catch up on some of the days I’ve missed but doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen to night (Don’t know if it will at all  – seems like every time I turn around something is happening to get in the way…..  Sorry, enough complaining……  Time for bed

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