#SocialMedia: A Blessing or A Curse??

This whole idea for this post started out as a response to an email from a friend (actually a couple emails) that were based in her recent blog “Pappa’s Perspective” which I highly recommend you head over and read (just don’t forget to head back over here to read the rest of my blog (hint: open in new tab if you can)
I think the advent if Social Media is both a blessing & a curse. We (as a society) are so glued to our computers (specifically the social media aspect – checking our likes, shares, notifications, who’s said/done what?, and so forth – our phones (many “smart” w/ social media capability) have become our tethers. And yet these same social media platforms have opened up many doors for the possibility of connection. If it weren’t for Social Media, I never would have connected with some of the wonderful and interesting people I have; And, even reconnected with people I’ve known before.

Of course there’s always the argument of just how deep those “connections” are – but just like non social media based relationships some are relatively shallow (“Hey, How’s it going, How’s the weather”) and other run deeper (the ones where you really share what’s going on, how you Really feel, etc). It all depends on the individual connection/friendship/relationship you have with each person in question.
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5 thoughts on “#SocialMedia: A Blessing or A Curse??

  1. Hey friend! Thanks for sharing my post and for the conversation. I totally agree with you on all points. I believe social media is an awesome development of our time, allowing us to connect with people we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I love that I have friends in the UK and Canada!

    As with any in-person relationship, the depth of connection really depends on how much we invest in one another. Do we merely click “like” or comment with an “LOL”? Or do we engage in quality conversation about life, share each other’s content, offer insight and support on each other’s endeavors?

    Some of my online relationships are closer/deeper than my in-person connections because, as you say, we don’t get beyond “How’s it going? Cold out today.”

    Tena, you and I have never met in person, but I feel like we’ve known each other a long time, and I am blessed to call you a friend! The relationship never would have birthed without social media. 🙂 And, you introduced me to a whole community of people when you invited me to be a part of the blog hop… you played a crucial role in opening up my online world. I am so grateful!

    Great post, girl!


    • Thank you LeAnne. I, also, am honored to have “met” you – even though we’ve never actually met in person….. Still looking forward to that day 🙂

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  2. I do think it’s the individual’s responsibility to regulate their own activities. It’s not social media’s fault, any more than it’s the gun’s fault that someone gets shot. It’s a matter of personal responsibility. And yes, I do admit that I need to discipline my time use on the internet better.


    • Karen,

      Wasn’t looking at this as a matter of fault, blame, or otherwise — simply a statement that it is (or can be) a blessing &/or a curse – depending on how used, etc.

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      • Oh yeah, I get it. I think it is neutral. It’s just something that’s there. And you’re right, it does depend on how it’s used. There’s everything on the internet. Literally. Okay, there’s stuff the government wants kept secret, although sometimes even that comes to light. It’s a tool. Thanks for sharing!


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