Daily Post: PlayTime – Monopoly

Every once in a while my son gets on this kick to play Monopoly. He’ll want to play it several different days in a row.

The other day, my husband and ex step-mom (don’t me to go into that one) were reminiscing about how they use to play monopoly all the time as kids. I, also, well remember the game of life – though don’t recall playing it w/ my family all that much.

Nice to know that some of the classics from days gone by can still be enjoyed in these days……

Now…… Off to play magnetix with my son 😉


2 thoughts on “Daily Post: PlayTime – Monopoly

  1. The game my dad and I played was chess. That is until I got better than him. He’d tip the board when he could see I was going to win. That was satisfying in itself, because I knew why.


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