Five Sentence Fiction: Pieces – Break In

Brandi’s heart skipped several beats as she drove up the drive way that led to the back of her modest two story home in the well to do neighborhood she lived in.

Burglaries here weren’t commonplace and yet she could clearly make out the broken glass, plain as day, that was the same color as the glass of the glass sliding door.

There was only one explanation Brandi could think of, someone was after the information she had been gathering on an expose.

Brandi double checked the seat beside her and found her computer, then realized that she had left the flash drive (with all of its info on the expose on it) at home that morning.

Every inch of her being screamed at her to go in to check for the drive, but the burglar might still be inside……. Grabbing her cell phone, she dialed – “Hello, yes, I need police”

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