#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 20, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

You have got to be F’ing kidding me…..  Just looked at my dashboard (at my list of posts) and realized that my NaBloPoMo blogpost for November 19 never published.  Worse, the draft (which is where it was apparently stuck at) doesnt’ even reflect all the typing I did on it.   Ohhhh!!!!!!  I am seriously pissed —  And just when I thought I was going to be caught up tonight (doing two blogs in one day – to make up for missing yesterday).  For now we’ll just have to set aside yesterdays blog and get back to it later


To be honest Samantha should probably have been paying more attention to where she was going, but as she approached she had seen no indications that the vehicle in the driveway was about to move.  Hadn’t even seen any lights or movement.   It wasn’t until she was almost right behind that the car was backing up.  Samantha swerved quickly swerved to avoid a collision, something she would have had room to do (barely) if it hadn’t been for a large rock that had ended up in her path.   Next thing she knew, Samantha found herself going head over handle bars landing in a heap.

“Ohhh Dear God”  William exclaimed as he saw the bike, that seemed to show up behind him out of nowhere, swerve hit a rock and seemed to go flying.   Acting quickly, he jumped out of his patrol car/vehicle and ran over to where the young lady (as he could now make out) was attempting to sit up.

“Don’t try to move” William said gently restraining the young lady, which he soon identified as one of his nearby neighbors.

“I’m fine” Samantha insisted as she tried to push herself upright, only to get hit with a wave a dizziness that had her grabbing on to the young officers arms for support.

“Easy there” William said, helping her to lie back and then reaching for his radio.

“What are you doing?” Samantha asked, a little weakly.

“Calling Dispatch.   We really should get paramedics out here to look at you.   That dizziness…..  I’m worried about head injury.”

“I’ll be fine, just knocked my head a bit when I fell” Samantha responded, grimacing a bit as another wave of nausea  hit.

“Humor me” was his only response. as he clicked the button on his radio to put in the call

“It’s really not necessary”, Samantha grumbled, “I’m sure I’ll be fine probably nothing more than a mild concussion – if that”

“That’s what I’m worried about” William replied after finishing up on the radio

A few moments later paramedics confirmed that Samantha had thought, a mild concussion.   They could transport to the hospital if need be, but the only thing they’d be able to do is monitor her.   If there was someone who could stay with her for a few hours, then there’d be no need for transport….  Otherwise the best option would be to go ahead and be taken in.

Samantha heaved a heavy sigh.   She really didn’t want to go into the hospital…  It wasn’t the first time she’d taken spill from her bike and knocked her head.  Most likely she’d be fine with a little headache medicine and rest, but it didn’t appear that officer Kreen, as she had read on his badge, was going to let her get away with  doing that and she didn’t exactly know anyone she could call on short notice to come stay  with her.


Sorry, I know I’m leaving things hanging more than usual but I’m pretty much at the end of my energy level after having be woken up at 3:30 in the morning  (ok, so  I didn’t actually get out of bed till about 4am and rested a bit more in my usual spot in my recliner…..  but still).

I’ll see if I can’t go back and do yesterdays blog tomorrow…..  As well as doing the blog that is suppose to be done tomorrow.


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