#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 16, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Ever have one of those days where none of your stories seem to be going anywhere…..  Don’t seem to have any direction.   That’s where I seem to be at.   I just can’t seem to get any of my stories to go anywhere……  Or maybe I’m just feeling “down in the dumps” in general, because I’m feeling the same way about my FES Tidbits stuff – Wondering what the hell I’m doing and why?!


“Hey there,” Robert messaged later that night, “I know you said you had a meeting this evening and all.  Thought I’d jump on here real quick to see if you were here (online) and see how it went.”

“Meeting went pretty good,” Margaret replied, “Got some bugs to work out, but the article I’m working on is coming along very nicely.”

“What is the article about?  You Never Did Say”

“Budget Cuts and how it relates to and affects the Fire Service and EMS.  It’s been an on going project that I’ve been working on with lots of research and interviews.   How’s your night been”

“Pretty good.  Was a little crazy when I first got here, but seems to have calmed down somewhat.  I’m thinking maybe I can grab a bite to eat here…  Speaking of which have you eaten this evening?”

“Yes, I ate…..  Your not going to let me live that one down are you?”

“Nope :-P”


“:-)”  So what did you have?  Anything good?”

“Ehhh, nothing exciting.   Just some mac & cheese is all.  Through in some hotdogs and tomatoes.”

“I’d love to make you my special stroganoff sometime.   I’ve been told it’s darn good.”

“That might be nice,  Sometime…….  Starting to get a little tired here.  Thinking I may call it a night.”

“Sure thing.   I’m gonna go grab that bite to eat myself.  Talk At you Later”


Sorry to have such a short post……  I was hoping to shoot for 500 words on my story,  and I’m not even to 250.   Way to tired and just not my day


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