#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 15, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

I’m thinking I should go back and revisit one of the “stories” I’ve already started….  Now to decide which one (and how I should continue).

“Quit being a silly a goose,” Brenda chided herself, “Your riding to the park together….  No Big Deal.”  But her little pep talk wasn’t doing her much good.   “He’s probably just being nice in return for the groceries the other day.”  Brenda continued attempting to squelch the butterflies that had taken up residence in her stomach, but they seemed bound and determine to stick around.

By the time she pulled into the little parking lot that was next to the station, Brenda was a certifiable nervous wreck.  Jack was already there, parked in front of the station, loading some stuff into his truck.  Somehow Brenda managed to compose herself before getting out of the car and attempting to at least give the appearance that she was more “together” than she really felt.


Jack’s jaw nearly hit the ground as he watched Brenda exit her vehicle.   He had always thought her to be quite good looking (even those times when he’d seen her ride past the station on her bike, dressed in oversize sweats or baggy shorts).  Now seeing her in a cute pink summer dress with a flowing skirt that swirled around her legs and her hair pulled into a half ponytail, the thought gorgeous came to mind.  Jack managed to pull his jaw up off the ground (and put up with a bit of ribbing) from a couple of the guys – who had given him no end of grief that day after Brenda had left the station).

“Hey there good looking,” he quipped, “What ya got cookin”

Brenda gave a cute little laugh that had Jack’s stomach doing flip flops just listening.

“Just got a few more things to load up in my truck and I’ll be ready” Jack informed Brenda.

Once everything was loaded up, Jack helped Brenda into his truck and took the driver seat.


At the park, Jack and several of the other guys got things set up at the booth that a couple of the guys would taking turning manning during the afternoons activities.  Jack was scheduled to play in the soft-ball event later on in the afternoon.

Brenda stood off to one side, doing her best to stay out of the way as the guys got things set up.  She was entirely sure what to do now.  Sure she had gotten a ride to the park with Jack, but now what?  Did they make plans to meet later on at the end of the event and then go off their own separate directions or…………

“I think we’re pretty much set up here, the guys can handle the rest of it.”  Jack said walking over to where Brenda stood.  “Why don’t we go check out what’s going on before it gets too crazy.”

Brenda stood dumbfounded for a moment.

“Well,” Jack inquired, “What do you say”

“sure” Brenda replied falling into step with him.


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