DailyPrompt – Interview (from November 16, 2013)

The Daily Post challenge for November 16 was to interview someone and write a blog based on the interview. I thought why not interview someone who does the two things that relate to the two things that interest me the most……  Paramedicine & Writing.   It’s no wonder that I’ve connected so easily with  Mr. Jerrid Edgington Paramedic and Author of the Racing the Reaper series (And my doesn’t that sound like the character Becca – want to know more?  Read the series).   Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain an interview on the day this challenge was put out and thus had to put it off a few days.


Based on an interview with Jerrid Edgington

For Jerrid Edgington, the decision to look at becoming an EMT and eventually Paramedic came about after a  Spinal Cord Injury that left him temporarily paralyzed.  It was at that time that he realized that he wanted to help others the way the paramedics had helped him.   When asked why he decided to become a paramedic, Jerrid states that he didn’t choose the medical profession – It chose him.  Having been on the other side of the stretcher, so to speak, has given him the ability to put himself in his patients place and to know what they might be feeling and what they might be going through.  It is that ability to empathize and put himself in their place that allows him to help them not only physically, but mentally as well.    The hardest part of being a paramedic is dealing with death and the most difficult types of calls are the ones involving children.  “Not only are they more stressful, but they also compensate until the finally just crash on you. It’s very nerve racking.”  There are many good aspects as well such as  seeing the relief on people faces when they (the paramedics) walk in the door and knowing that he has the ability to help people in a time of need.

When it comes to his more recent endeavor, writing, Jerrid states that he has made several attempts in the past to write a book, but they just weren’t coming out right.   In 2012 he started writing again and this time the words just flowed.  He wrote “Racing the Reaper” not only to entertain, but to educate the public about the kinds of calls that ambulances are called on.  Through his writing he has connected with and made friends across the world including places such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Germany – Something he states wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t decided to write a book.  The hardest part of writing is worrying whether or not everyone will like his books.  “I know it isn’t possible to please everyone, but I try.”

When he wrote his first book, Racing the Reaper,  he had decided that “self publishing” was the right route and did pretty well, selling over a thousand books on his own.  It was after this that he decided to try to get “traditionally published”.  The first attempt did not bring about a return, but then he came across a small publishing house called Master Koda Select Publishing and the re-editing of his first book “Racing The Reaper” (which is now available via Amazon) began.  Re-edits of book two (Racing the Reaper: Resuscitation) are now underway and the writing of book three in the series as has begun.  Updates will be available on his blog and on his website

He does have several more books planned, but being a paramedic is where he feels he belongs and where is heart is and, for now, he sees writing as something that he will continue on the side.



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