NaBloPoMo 14/ My WWBH Story (November 13, 2013

I’m going to cheat a bit and kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) and post my story for both the NaBloPoMo & WWBH. Well not really cheating as i know no rule against it.

Here are TWO photos for this weeks WWBH (note the new twist).

Photo # 1 via Flickr
Self Shadow
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It's Nice [Explored]

Bridget walked up the steps to the I had started typing this up yesterday evening in a word counter app……  Rule #1  – DON’T rely on the word counter to retain (or remember) what you typed!!  I stepped a way for a few minutes to deal with some stuff (you know how it goes with family = distractions) and when I returned the app had managed to c lose itself (I’m sure I don’t know) and when I opened it back up, POOF all 200+ words of my typing were gone……  At that time it was  8: – 8:30 at night and I had been up since probably 5 -5:30am and had done an hour bike ride to go to “work” (volunteer) and another hour (even rougher) trip home.

Yikes, I’m writing a story just writing this……  Any who,  I’m starting bright and early on this.  And this time I’m typing it into WordPress and copying & pasting into editor to check word count on actual story (Word Press only give word count on puter, not on phone, and gives total of whole blog).


Based on my story for Five Sentence Fiction – Letters with some (obvious) changes

Bridget walked up the steps of the old factory building, where she worked the night shift, carrying a couple pieces of mail that she hoped to get a chance to read on her break later.   It had been a busy day and she hadn’t had a chance to check the mail till right before it was time to leave.   Most of it had been junk, which had gone straight into the recycling bin, but there had been one letter from Josh Barget.

When she wrote the first letter to Josh for a volunteer project, Bridget hadn’t really expected to get a letter in return and certainly hadn’t expected a friendship to form.  Sure she had gotten return letters from others she had written so she was only mildly surprised when the first letter came.  The letters continued to come and each time Bridget would send one in reply.   In the letters, Josh began telling Bridget something about himself.  Bridget had responded with a similar story about herself and had added something new.  When Josh had replied he had written something new relative to her “new” and had added another story about himself…..  And so the game was started through several letters.  Each time they would also share a little about that day (or week).

Bridget began to look forward to the letters from Josh.  Each one making her laugh as he told her about himself, about his day.  Sharing anecdotes about what was happening.  His sense of humor and ability to laugh in the midst of a bad situation was incredible.  Somehow, reading his letters always seemed to brighten her up – Something she was really feeling like she needed in the dark gloominess of this particular night.  Being a bit of a pack-rat when in came to letters, Bridget had kept his letters and they had eventually made into one of the drawers of an old cabinet she had gotten from her great grandma years ago.   Every so often she would pull out a letter and read it.


Later that evening, during her break, Bridget pulled out the letter that Josh had had sent and sat down in the break room to read it.   The letter was a simple one this time.

“Coming Home Soon!” Can’t wait to see you!”

He had gone on to  give her a date of his expected arrival in the states and a phone number that he asked her to call after a given date (until that point, the phone number would not be any good).


Josh walked down the gateway from the airplane, he had had just gotten off of, carrying his gear.  As he walked into the main terminal building of Portland International he looked around in his hand he held a picture that Bridget had sent him a while back.  He had kept the pictures in his wallet through the long months of his deployment.   Finally, he located her  over to one side.

“Bridget?” he questioned, wanting to be sure.  She smiled warmly and nodded.    Josh set down his gear and picked her up in a bear hug.

“I can’t believe I’m finally getting to see you in person”  He said as he set her down.  He paused for a moment almost as if debating something in his mind.  Then,  holding both her hands in his, he pulled her forward towards him and gave her a soft gentle kiss.


I know I’m about 65 words over the 500 limited (ooops).

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