#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 10, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Ever have those times when story ideas just seem to float around in your head….  But none of them seem to solidify or stick enough to really go anywhere?   That’s exactly what’s happening to me.   I must have been crazy to come up with the crazy idea of doing a “B log-A-Day Challenge based on the idea of doing (or attempting on doing) short stories……… Ok, yes, I’ll just say it…..  I was crazy just thinking of doing the challenge period.


November 09, 2013:

“Hey Gorgeous”  The message read.  Gorgeous?  Margaret read on.

“I know I’ve been terrible about not doing a better job of keeping in touch with you on here…..  Ok, I’ve failed miserably.   Forgive a guy? (insert long puppy dog face here)”

Margaret couldn’t help but laugh.

“I know your going to think I’m a little nuts (OK a lot nuts) and maybe I am.   Hell, I probably shouldn’t even be considering……  Anyway, I’d really like the chance to be friends.  Real friends, not just “online” friends.   I probably don’t have the right to say this (and no doubt you’ve already got a significant other in your life – wouldn’t surprise me in the least), but I’m going to put it “on the line” as the saying goes.   What I’d really like is  for us to become more than friends, but that’s probably taking things to far for now.   I imagine your probably wondering why I’m suddenly writing such things to you when I haven’t hardly been in contact with you after all these years.   The truth is, most of the time I’ve been busy with either work or travel (and, to be honest, don’t get online all that much).    I have, however, been following your posts as much as I can and have even read some of the articles that you’ve written (I must say you are an amazing women – even more amazing then I remember – with a wealth of knowledge.   I know I never took the time to really get to know you all those years ago (to my regret) and relish the chance to do so now.  I can only hope that I have not just frightened you off”

Margaret read through the message, then read it again, not knowing what to think.   She couldn’t help but wonder if, perhaps, he was simply pulling her leg…..  It wouldn’t be the first time a guy had done that to her, leaving her devastated.   Several months ago, a guy she had gotten to know through her work had asked her out.   Margaret had been delighted until she learned (towards the end of the date, as she had lifted her face for a good night kiss) that it had all been a farce, that he had only asked her out on a dare.   A DARE….  Wasn’t that the kind of thing that silly high school kids did?   Margaret had stood there like an idiot waiting for the guy to say something.   To say he was wrong, that he was sorry, something.   Instead, he simply smirked at her and walked away without a single world of apology.

Margaret had run into her house, slamming the door behind her, and collapsed unto her bed in tears.   She had been so sure that Brian had genuinely been interested in her and to learn that it had all been a joke…..  But then she guessed she shouldn’t have been to surprised.   Guys never seemed to be interested in her.  Not when it came to dating anyway.   Friends, maybe but none of them had ever shown a romantic interest in her.

Margaret turned her attention back to the message on her screen, unsure how to respond.   What if this just turned out to be a big joke…..  On the other hand if she called him on it, and turned out to be wrong, she’d risk loosing the opportunity for a friendship…. Maybe more.   She debated a long while on what to say before replying.


“OK, yes,  I’ll forgive you for not staying in touch (grin).    I would like very much to be friends.  I’m afraid to even think about anything beyond that (No, there is no significant other in my life – Guess guys just don’t find me all that attractive).   Perhaps I should be the one worrying about scaring you off.  I’ll be honest with you, Jason,  when I read your message I was afraid that maybe it was just apart of some joke or something.  You see, several months ago…… Let’s just say I had a bad experience on a date (turned out it had just been apart of a dare) and have been reluctant for a repeat performance.  Not that I’ve had much to worry about in that department (see early statement about not being “attractive”).”

Margaret hit the send button before she could talk herself out of it.

(to be continued)



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