#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 8, 2013

NaBloPoMo November 2013

The first thing you’ll notice is that I FINALLY got the NaBloPoMo Badge up on the side bar of my blog site (as well as in today’s (and subsequent) posts.  The second thing you’ll notice if you happen to see the “publish” date is that today is actually yesterday – Yep, I’m a day behind (Hey, that’s better than I was doing yesterday when I was like 3 days behind – groan).

Now I’m sitting here trying to decide if I want to continue on the story I’ve been working on the last few days (and if so where do I want to go with it) or if I want to take a break from that one and start on a new story…..

Note: the story below is purely fictional and not based on reality at all.  It is not indicative, in any way shape or form, of that which would or would not happen in real life.   It does not reflect the actions that would (or should) be expected in real life.

You can read the first parts to the story in the following blog posts:

November 05, 2013

November 06, 2013

November 07, 2013


“Have you ever gotten an actual tour of the whole fire station”  He asked.

“Yeah, a number of years ago,” Brenda replied, “And I’ve seen the equipment bay here a few times”

“But the actual station house, here?” Jack inquired….

“Ummmm….. No…. not here, not this one”

“Tell you what, shy don’t I give you the fifty cent tour” Jack offered.

“Sure.” Brenda whispered.

(to be continued)

Jack started out by  leading Brenda out into the equipment bay something that earned him a questioning glance from Brenda’s direction, but she didn’t say anything.  The smell of her shampoo continued to linger in the air and every time he leaned in close, to point something out to her, he would get a hefty whiff of the fresh citrusy scent.   Jack found himself finding reasons to point out things and go into details that generally weren’t apart of a standard “tour” – Just so he would have an excuse to smell the intoxicating fragrance.  What really got him was the way her face lit up as he went into intricate details of how each piece of equipment work.  A couple times he found himself getting overly excited about what he was talking about and worried that he might be loosing her.  He really wasn’t good at the whole “tour” thing and generally left that to one of the more competent guys of the crew.  Whenever he snuck a quick look in Brenda’s direction to gauge her reaction she seemed genuinely interested and eager to learn more.   Definitely a women he wanted to get to know on a more personal level.

After finishing in the equipment bay,  Jack led Brenda back into the station so he could show her around the station.  The station itself was a fairly decent size, as far as stations went, but even still there really wasn’t all that much to it.   The main “living room” area, the kitchen/dining area, and the bunk area was pretty much the extent of it.  Jack did manage to find a things of interest to point out and  was managed to remember a few key historical points that he thought might be of interest to her.  Sure enough her eyes lit up as he talked a little about the history of the station.  When he reached the “bunk” area, however, he suddenly found himself doing the verbal equivalent of tripping over his own feet (or in this case lips).  The sudden vision, that popped into his head out of nowhere, of her lying on his bunk was like a one-two punch in the gut.  Jack quickly pushed the wayward (and totally unprofessional) thought from his head as he back pedaled his way to the main part of of the station and more neutral ground.

“Are you planning on going to the Fire Safety Picnic event this weekend?” Jack asked when they had gotten back in to the main “living” area of the station.

“I was thinking about it, yeah” Brenda replied.

“Great” was Jack’s reply….  “Hey, how would you like to go the event together?….  I mean I we could ride together…. Save on gas….” Jack offered.

“Ummmm yeah, that would be fine”  Brenda replied.  She wished she could think of something more sophisticated to say, but came up short

After making plans to meet that Saturday, Brenda said her good-byes.


I have to apologize that this  particular part of the continuing short story just doesn’t seem to have meshed together.


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