#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 7, 2013

Note: the story below is purely fictional and not based on reality at all.  It is not indicative, in any way shape or form, of that which would or would not happen in real life.   It does not reflect the actions that would (or should) be expected in real life.

You can read the first parts to the story in the following blog posts:

November 05, 2013

November 06, 2013


Inside the station, Jack set the bags down on the counter and started to put stuff away while one of the other crew members began preparing dinner.   He found himself all to aware of Brenda’s presence behind him….  Could smell the citrusy smell that surrounded her.   The same one he recalled smelling the couple of other times she had been around.

Being a member of the fire service,  Jack (as with the rest of his crew and those from other shifts) were quite use to the overt (sometimes overwhelming) attention of those from the female persuasion.   It seemed commonplace to be treated as if they were some sort of hero….  Something that frequently made Jack extremely nervous.  He wasn’t a hero,  didn’t see himself as a hero….  He just did his job and hoped he did it right.  He seriously questioned the capability of many of those women to stick around when the chips were down.

But Brenda,  Brenda was different.  Jack couldn’t explain why he knew this….  He just did.   Deep down he just knew.   Perhaps that was why he joked and teased her the way he did, because he felt relaxed around her….  Like he didn’t have to watch everything he said.   At the same time he found himself more nervous around her then he felt around any of the other women.    He had actually run into her a number of times besides the few times she had been by the station.  A number of those times had been at the local grocery store where he and the crew did most of their shopping, as well as at a handful of public events put on by the Fire Department.

Just like the other guys he had had his fair share of women wanting to run up and give him a hug – perhaps even try to steal a kiss  if they could manage (okay maybe not quite as much as some of the guys, but still).  He always did the same thing each time….  Took a step back (or to the side) to avoid the uncomfortable show of affection.  No doubt he’d left more than one women disgruntled but, quite frankly, he didn’t care.  He wasn’t interesting in being someone’s show piece or “eye candy”….  Leave that to the other more romeo types out there.

Jack wanted someone who could be strong , independent, and supportive but enough of a lady to make him feel like a man.  Someone who would stick around for the long haul.   Someone who would understand when he had a bad day at work and wouldn’t get all flustered when he talked about his day….  Someone like Brenda, he realized.

Jack came out of revery to realize that Brenda was still standing in the middle of the station house looking like she didn’t quite know what she should be doing.  Putting the last of the groceries away, Jack turned towards her with a smile. “Have you ever gotten an actual tour of the whole fire station”  He asked.

“Yeah, but it was quite a few years ago,” Brenda replied, “And I’ve seen the equipment bay here a few times”

“But you haven’t gotten a tour of the whole station house, here?” Jack inquired….

“Ummmm….. No…. not here, not this one”

“Tell you what, why don’t I give you the fifty cent tour” Jack offered.

“Sure.” Brenda whispered.

(to be continued)


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