#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 5, 2013

Note: the story below is purely fictional and not based on reality at all.  It is not indicative, in any way shape or form, of that which would or would not happen in real life.   It does not reflect the actions that would (or should) be expected in real life.

Unable to find anyone to help her reach the one last item that she needed from the grocery store, Brenda stepped up unto the bottom shelf and strained to reach the item in question.

“Damn” she muttered when she couldn’t reach it by just a matter of mere inches.   Going up on tippy toes, she strained even harder to reach.  She had almost managed to reach the item, had her finger tips brushing it,  Reaching out with the other hand to held grab the item, Brenda felt her feet slip.  She let out a small cry of alarm, expecting to hit the hard floor linoleum floor below her.   Brenda definitely hit something hard, but it wasn’t the ground….  She hadn’t even fell that far.   A hand clamped around her arm, steadying her and setting her down on terra firma.  Turning in the direction of her rescuer to thank him, Brenda felt the words die in her throat.   “Rescuer” definitely hit the nail on the head here she realized as she instantly recognized the young firefighter from the nearby station house.  She briefly recalled hearing that he had just made Lieutenant.

Brenda had spent much of her growing up years around  various members of the Fire and Police Service, in fact one of her father’s best friends was the fire chief of a small rural fire department.  She was quite use to the, often times, crude sense of humor that these guys portrayed and could dish it back with ease (and a feminine smile on her face).  But there was something about Jack that had her blushing at every turn, something about him that always seemed to render her speechless……  Like now, as he continued to keep a hold of her arm  even after she was standing steadily.  Brenda managed a quick glance up at Jack before lowering her eyes back to her arm.  Jack dropped her arm suddenly looking a slight bit uncomfortable, but recovering quickly.

“You really should be more careful, ” Jack admonished, “And not go climbing up on shelves like that.  Why didn’t you get some help?”

“There wasn’t exactly anyone around”  Brenda said in her defense.  Besides she hated always having to ask for help from people.

Jack was just about to reply when the tones went off on the captains portable.  Instantly, Jack’s attention turned towards the captain.  The captain gave a slight nod and Jack (and the rest of the crew) headed quickly towards the front of the store).  It wasn’t till after they were long gone that Brenda realized that they left there cart sitting there.   There wasn’t much in the cart and, after a brief analysis of her monthly budget, Brenda quickly decided that she could manage to purchase the small amount of groceries.  She didn’t make a lot herself, some months barely getting by, but this month was one of the better months and she felt it was the least she could do to say “Thank You” for all they did.  Several months ago crew from another shifts had come to her aid when a dryer fire had started in her garage.  Thankfully the fire hadn’t spread past a small portion of the garage and they had been able to put it out quickly.

Brenda, took abandoned shopping cart, as well as her own, up to the front to check out.

(to be continued).


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