#NaBloPoMo: Daily Post – Nov 4, 2013

So here we go… Post one and I couldn’t even remember what to call this whole challenge – NaNo….. NaMo…. NaPo.  Oyyy took forever to get it write (errr I mean right) – NaBloPoMo


Tiffannie stood apart from the crowd as she watched him around the track, easily taking the lead.  He was pure poetry in motion.  Head held high, muscular legs pumping.  The crowd of students were screaming and yelling, cheering him.  She was well aware that many of the girls in the crowd were ooohing, aaahing, and ogling.  As he passed through the finish line, several of the girls ran out on to the field to congratulate him.

Continuing to watch, Tiffannie thought back to the day she had first met Jason.  It had been her very first day at a new school.   She had felt oddly out of place and alone.   Tiffannie hadn’t been the only “new” student that day…..  The entire freshmen class was, in fact, new.  For the most part, though, most of the kids had gone to grade school and Junior high together.   Tiffannie had been desperately trying to find her way to one of her classes before the final bell rang, not watching where she was going when she ran smack into a solid chest causing her to loose her grip on the books she carried.   “Excuse me” she muttered in embarrassment as she reached down to retrieve her books.  Only to nearly collide with Mr. Chest again as he reached down at the same moment.  With a quick smile as he handed her the books, the guy was gone and she had been to shy to even get his name or say “Thank You”.

It had been much later that Tiffannie learned the guys name, that he was a grade ahead of her, and that he was one of the most popular guys in the school.  No chance he’d be noticing her anytime soon.  Most likely the smile he had flashed at her when she ran into him was just a smile of politeness.  More than likely he thought her a clumsy oaf.

Her mind coming back to the present, Tiffannie wished she could be more like those girls…. okay maybe not the ogling part, but it would be nice to be spontaneous like they were, to have the courage to go out there and congratulate him on his win.  just as well she didn’t have the courage.  she’d probably just embarrass him (certainly herself).  After all what good looking, popular guy wanted some homely looking no-body running up and giving him a huge hug in front of the entire student-body.

She was just about to turn away when something stopped her.  Jason was heading in her direction.  At first she thought she must be imagining it….  Surely he wasn’t heading towards her.  No, he must be heading towards someone in her general direction.  Tiffannie continued to stand there, part of her knowing that she was being a fool and would only end up looking like a complete idiot but she couldn’t seem to make herself move.  Jason continued to head in her direction,  right straight for her, till he was standing right in front of her.

“So, where’s my congratulatory hug?” he drawled?

“Wasn’t that what you were getting out there at the finished line?” Tiffannie managed to ask.

“Yeah” Jason replied, “But not from the girl I really wanted one from.”

“Who’s…..” Tiffannie started to ask, “Ohhhh” she finished as he cocked one eyebrow up at her.

Feeling as shy as ever Tiffannie thought to just give Jason a quick hug and then let go, but his arms went around her waist so she couldn’t move away.  She was even more surprised when he pressed a soft kiss against her nose before settling gently on her lips.

“Had to get a congratulatory kiss in there too” Jason replied in answer to the surprised look on her face.  “Come on”, He continued,  “I’m in the mood for some pizza.  All that running has got me hungry.”


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