#NaBloPoMo: Intro

Good Intentions….. And all that good stuff.

I first learned about the NaBloPoMo on November 02 but was out shopping at the time and by the time I got home and got everything put away and taken care of it was really getting too late for me to think of trying to write a blog (read:  I was too tired at that point)….  So the next morning I came up with the idea of doing two blogs in one day (one for November 02 as that was the actual day I learned of the event/challenge (?) and then one for the day in which I was actually writing.

I had every intention of doing two posts on Sunday….  Except that time got a way from me.  It started out with (what was suppose to be a quick) shopping trip.  Then I had a blog talk show to get ready for….. Then a couple more blog talk/hangouts to join….   And of course in the midst of all this the needs of family.  By the time I had a chance to sit down to blog I was (once  again) too darn tired to even think straight.

So today starts my official NaBloPoMo posting.

The hard part is/was deciding how i want to go about this….  What do I want to write on/about; What do I want my style to be: etc.

I was chatting with a friend (okay I’m grasping at straws here as I’ve never actually “met” this friend, but have chatted with him numerous times online) the other day and had mentioned that I’ve got tons of stories jumbled up in my head, but never can get them down on paper (not even a recorder seems to help).  His reply was that “All you can do is try .  You might be surprised”……    Okay I’m not ready for the major commitment of doing NaNoWriMo (and not anywhere near ready to try doing a novel), but I got to thinking…. Perhaps I can give story writing a bit of a go here.  I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be a continuing story throughout the month or a different story each day….  Guess we shall see on that one.


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