My WWBH Story (October 23, 2013): No Heroes Death


the sun peeked in through the blinds of the small 3 bedroom house.  A house her and her husband had bought less than a year earlier with the thought of starting a family in mind.  Andrea could still see Mark’s face in her mind as brought her to look at the “new place” he’d found.  He had been strutting around like a king as he showed it to her and his smile had been like sunbeams on his face when she gave her approval springing a surprise of her own.

Andrea had always enjoyed waking up in the morning to the first rays of sunshine.  On the mornings when Mark was on shift she’d pull on her robe and make her way to the kitchen while he went about taking a shower and getting dressed, then gathering his gear for the next 24 hours.   Those rays of sun seemed mocking now the brightness like a spike in her head.  All she wanted to do was pull the covers over her head and hide, hide from the world….  Hide from the unfairness of it all that took her beloved husband from her, took away the father of the unborn child nestled safely in her belly).  His hadn’t even been a heroes death.  Instead he had died of cancer a cancer that hadn’t been detected until it was way too late ( a cancer that no one had paid attention to the dangers of)

Andrea tiredly pulled herself from the bed and went through the actions of getting ready for her job as a cashier.  After all, there was her (and Mark’s baby) to think about.

“Random Words Used: cancer, spike, danger, king, cashier.

Note:  Cancer (as well as heart disease) is a very real problem that effects firefighters:

Here are some links to places that provide more information (and support):

Firefighter Cancer Support

Firefighter Cancer Foundation

In Addition here are some links related to Firefighter Cancer you may find interesting:

Study of Cancer among Firefighters by the US Fire Administration

It’s in Their Blood by Firefighter Facts NJ

5 thoughts on “My WWBH Story (October 23, 2013): No Heroes Death

  1. Reblogged this on Fire/EMS/Safety Tidbits and commented:

    I wrote this for a WWBH blog hop challenge I co-host over on my personal page… The story is entirely fictional, but the informational links (and the danger of cancer that firefighters face) is VERY REAL. I hope you’ll give the story a read and check the links at the end.


  2. Ah, a sad story but unfortunately bad stuff happens to people, it seems ironic that a fire-fighter should suffer like that. I hope it all works out. I missed this week’s prompt, my days all ran together.


  3. This is an emotional story, Tena. Wow. Nice work. And thanks for the awareness and resources regarding firefighters’ health. I had no idea cancer and heart disease were so prevalent.


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