Five Sentence Fiction – Determination

This weeks “Five Sentence Fiction” can be found here

Maria had been told that taking the class would be a waste of her efforts, that she didn’t have what it would take, that she wasn’t smart enough.

In, truth the naysayers had a point. Academics had never been Maria’s strong point. Infact, she had struggled through high school and two years of college classes (often times being lucky to squeak by with a “C” average.

But she had been determined to take the course and determined to do well in it.

It had been a long, uphill battle and Maria had spent many extra hours studying (more so, she was sure, than any of her fellow classmates), but finally she was finished with the course. Her reward? A solid “A” as her final grade.

Now, Maria stood in line to register for her NREMT Exam – The final cumulation of all of her hard work, her hand sweaty as she gave her name to the proctor.

this is actually based on a true story that I experienced. In relation to the final sentence, I did take my NREMT exam, but don’t recall exactly how “registration” went or if my hands were sweaty or not.


One thought on “Five Sentence Fiction – Determination

  1. Maria, huh? I like you better as Tena. So, basically the name has been changed, but otherwise it’s really not fiction. I’ve done that before. Still, use your imagination! Like, write an episode involving Tinker Bell ( I won a community college writing contest with my story about what life was life when Tink came back to the real world with Peter…) It’s easy to pick a fictional character and continue the story or write a new episode of what you think might happen. I dare you…


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