My WWBH Story (October 16, 2013): A Matter of a Bullfight


* “My WWBH: Take 2″ Made the mistake of doing the original story on my phone and then tried to copy (to check word count) without saving my work first. Somehow in the process of copying, I managed to do a ‘cut & paste” loosing part of the work I had done.

Second attempt is being done via computer, but I can’t say it will be same as first go-round as I have no idea exactly what I wrote the first time

Margaret tried desperately to concentrate on the novel she was reading above the loud noises coming from next door. The novel had something to do with a butcher and a candlestick maker – You know from the nursery rhymes….. But this was no nursery rhyme novel. No, this was the kind of book you read late at night after everyone else was asleep (or tried to read, if one could concentrate over all the screaming and yelling that was going on).

The screaming and yelling next door continued. Margaret did her best to ignore the arguing, but it was darn near impossible. Apparently something about a bullfight this time. Margaret wasn’t one to indulge in gossip, but it was well known to pretty much everyone in the apartment complex that Mr. Radher had a major problem with gambling. Seemed he and his wife were always upside down one way or another and always getting into arguments. Margaret often wondered how much it would take before Mrs. Radher grew tired of her husbands gambling ways and refusal to seek help.

Apparently the results of this particular gambling session was worse than normal because the arguing continued on longer (and louder) than usual. After a while she heard a door slam, then another. Some more yelling followed by a third door slam. Then quiet. Maybe she could finally read the novel she had been trying to read.” Margaret thought, but after a couple minutes she heard the sound of a light knock on her door. Getting up from her recliner, Margaret went over to the door and looked out the peephole and saw the forlorn figure of Mrs. Radher standing out in the hallway looking small and alone.

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10 thoughts on “My WWBH Story (October 16, 2013): A Matter of a Bullfight

  1. I loved this actually! I am curious as to what happens next! And the writing was very well done in this piece. Great job Tena!!


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