#DailyPrompt (Oct 07, 2013): Exhale

When I read today’s daily prompt my mind immediately went to the day of my wedding (nearly 17-1/2 years ago).

I can’t necessarily say that everything that could go wrong did, but we did have a fair share of mishaps (as do most weddings). But thanks to one brides-maids dress, the timing ended up askew. A very good friend of ours (like family) was making the brides-maids dresses, which I had chosen to be two of my aunts. Both aunts lived out of state, so they were going to get measurements to be sent to the lady doing their dresses. The idea was she could get the dresses done and then do any last minute adjustments when they got into town. One of the dresses went just as planned, needing just a few minor adjustments, the other, however, needed a complete overhaul. The lady doing said dresses stayed up late working on the dress and then up early the next day to finish. To make things more interesting we had chosen her to sing at our wedding. Someone, I believe one of her daughters, was on the (cell) phone with her and relaying info to the rest of us, where she was at. Finally she arrives and a quick change by the brides-matron in the back if one of the delivery trucks. The singing began and the wedding proceeded beautifully from there).

There was a point while waiting for the dress (and singer) to arrive that I was do worried about the time, I turned to someone and blurted out something about the stern wheeler (where the reception was to be held) leaving without us….. To my chagrin, the captain (also officiate for our wedding) of said boat was standing right near by – The ship wasn’t going anywhere, but by that time I was in a bit of a panic…… And thus my embarrassing moment for the evening.

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