Share Your World – Week 34

This weeks “share your world” questions (and my responses)

If you were to move and came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house you wish to retain? (assume all personal items; photos, books, animals, etc. go with you)
Boy this is a tough one….. Since personal items are automatically in the list (books, photos, etc), there really isn’t much left that I’m tied to (the question does mention “fully furnished” so I’m assuming the usual furnishings would already be provided).

With that said, the three things that come to mind are:

Water Dispenser:20130930-083516.jpg


And Grill:20130930-083638.jpg

Is the glass half empty or half full? What is in the glass?
The proper answer should be “half-full” right?!? – But, if I am to be completely honest, I am a bit of a pessimist (I say a bit, because I’m not all “doom & gloom”, thought it may seem that way at times. Actually, I don’t see myself as pessimist or negative – just realistic…… Guess what life can suck (and some time it F’s you in the ass). I’d much rather be realistic (and perhaps negative) and be pleasantly surprised, than all positive happy-go-lucky only to have that “feel good” feeling come crashing down (but that’s just me)

What calms you down?
The best thing for me, when I’m worked up is to just let me be!! Don’t try to “fix the problem and Darn well DON’T tell me “it’ll be alright”. Just give me my space and I’ll be alright.

What individual item of food would you not eat, even if it was served to you at the Queen/President’s dinner table? (Something ordinary.)
Do I get negative points if I can’t pick just one????

Actually the list isn’t all that long…… Well I guess it would be if you count the things I can’t/won’t eat due to religious reasons (pork/pork based & she’ll-fish). Outside of that there are only two “ewwww factors” when it comes to food – Ground liver (make that any kind of liver) and Lima Beans (I’ve tried them, but just can’t hack em).


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