I’m still here…. well sort of

In general, my blogging frequency has always been a bit hit & miss…  Sometimes I would have a lot to blog about (and the time in which to it in)…..  Other times —  not so much.

Lately, it seems that my time to devote to blogging on my personal blog is not quite what it use to be.  I’ve got a number of ”
Writing Challenges  that I do my best to join in that give me ideas and get those creative juices going:

These don’t count the writing challenges I had come up with (which, as you can see, I haven’t been doing)….  “Random Topic Challenge”  and “Word of the Day Weekly Story” (which was based on using the 5-7 “words of the day” I received through an android app I had at the time)…….

With all these challenges to work with coming up with stuff to write on shouldn’t be an issue should it?!?!?   Except that even with these “idea generators” I find myself at a loss as to what to write, but even more importantly…..  the TIME factor.  There’s still those same “24 hours in a day” and the same taking care of family needs that have always been there when dealing with a partially ambulatory disabled/ stroke sufferer (both old news) hubby…..  But to add to that  I’ve been (trying) to concentrate my time on FES Tidbits (though there isn’t that much on that blog either – most of my effords is spent on twitter (@FES_Tidbits) and on Facebook (Fes Tidbits) – {I’m also on G+ and LinkedIn.}

The other area that I’ve been starting to spend more time on is in the areas of job searching and looking at going back to school (big question mark on that one).

the reason for “big question mark” on schooling? —  Well to go to school takes money….  Something we don’t have in supply. A loan?  right something to hang over our hands for the rest of our lives (and past) that we’ll never be able to pay off.    At best I’d only be able to take on part-time hours *(and hope that the assistance we receive due to hubby being disabled doesn’t get screwed up)/  Unless I  get lucky and get an excellent pay rate right out of the gate, I doubt we can afford to loose Food/Health Assistance – not if we hope to eat at all (but I won’t get into all that as it would be a whole nother blog post that I don’t want to get into……    Lets just say, though, that that brings in a whole other (am I saying that right) fear factor when it comes to thinking about jumping back into the job market (not counting the fact that it’s been (literally) years.

So there you have it…..   I’ll try to keep up with blogging as much as possible.  I think I’ll manage (as I said earlier in the post, I’ve always been kind of hit & miss), but the blogs may be shorter in nature (and concentrated more on doing the above challenges – as best I can).

Be Well my blogging friends, Stay Safe, and Take Care


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