My WWBH Story (September 18, 2013): Courage.

Gary wandered along the halls of the nearly empty building. It was a quiet Sunday evening and very few people were around, just a small group of elderly ladies (his grandmother included) who got together each week to play bingo in the old run down building.

There wasn’t much for Gary to see as he wandered about. For the most part all the rooms that were open were pretty boring (and mostly empty), but at least it was something to do while he waited. Better than hanging around with the crotchety old folks, back in one of the rooms in the far corner, arguing about who called “bingo” first or what letter/number had actually been called.

The only one not crotchety was his grandmother. It seemed strange and out of sorts that she would spend time with the rest of the “sour/puss” group, but then that was her style. Gary enjoyed spending time with her. She was always so eccentric and had such colorful, interesting stories to tell about her experiences (most of which included a lesson – but it wasn’t in-your-face) and was more than willing to give his grandma a ride to her game …. And, of course, the promise of money didn’t hurt. After all, what teenager couldn’t use some dough.

As he was walking about, Gary saw one of those old arcade style games, like the ones at carnivals and game houses, in one of the empty looking rooms. Deciding to take a closer look, Gary pushed the door to the room open the rest of the way and walked inside. As he got closer, he noticed a sign: “only the brave may win this brooch“. On it a picture of a gorgeous looking brooch. The brooch was perfect for his grandma.

All of a sudden, the game seemed to come to life as it lit up and a cackling sound seemed to come from it. Gary jumped back, then looked quickly around to make sure no-one else was around….. Still alone…… Gary approached the game again and read the instructions.

insert quarter
Place palm on handprint

Do you have the courage to press hard enough. Hadn’t his grandmother spoke of courage and bravery while sharing another of her colorful “life-lesson” stories?

An ant crawled across as Gary inserted his quarter. The handprint lit up glowing red and the machine once again began screeching & cackling. All available saliva seemed to suddenly dry up as Gary placed his palm over the print, wavering for a moment before putting his hand down on it and pressing.


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