How Long Had It Been – My WWBH Story (Sept 04, 2013)

The Photo by +Kristoffer Sorensen:
Abby stopped short, her heart slamming hard in her chest, as a familiar figure dressed in fatigues made his way through the door at the far end of the walk-way.  How many years had it been since she had last seen him?  Too many to count and yet the mere site of him still had her heart doing flipflops in her chest.
He had been nothing more than a silly schoolgirl crush…  Could you really call it that when you had already graduated high school and were well into college courses….. or so she had tried to convince herself over and over again after Jerrid had failed to take notice of her.   Not that that it had been too surprising.  Back then she had been painfully shy and awkward and, as a general rule, guys never did take much notice of her (and for one of a popularity caliber such as Jerried Semeter – that would have been like asking for a miracle).
Abby recalled, with chagrin, that Jerrid had been extremely popular among pretty much all the female students & staff and well spoke of and yet (unlike so many guys she had known) it hadn’t seemed to go to his head.  He was funny, kind, and had a heart like a teddy bear.  But he also had the personality of a  leader able to take charge in any situation no matter how grave it was.
Abby watched, from a distance as Jerrid took a seat on a bench just inside the walk-way door.  For the longest while she stood undecided on what to do.  Did she go up to him and say “Hi”, see if he remembered her at all or should she just turn and walk the other direction pretending like she never saw him….  Battling indecision, Abby wavered for the longest time.
Walking, nervously, towards the bench where Jerrid sat Abby saw that he held what appeared to be a hunting magazine with a picture of a reindeer on the front cover.  The site of the magazine (for some odd reason) made he smile.  She recalled overhearing many a stories that he had told about hunting trips he had gone on.  Many a women had hung on his every word while he spoke as if in the court of a king.  Abby had a feeling that most had cared nothing about how much he truly seemed to enjoyed those weekend hunting trips he spoke of .  She’d bet that most would care nothing about even going on a weekend camping trip.   No, it was all about ooohing & ahhhing and vying for his attention
Back then Abby had listened quietly from the sidelines knowing that she could never compete with the other ladies, knowing
“Hi, Jerrid?” Abby began, swallowing a couple times as she spoke, “I don’t know if you remember me….”

“Abby!!” Jerrid exclaimed, extending a hand towards her in invitation, “How have you been?”

The Words:

Teddy Bear

5 thoughts on “How Long Had It Been – My WWBH Story (Sept 04, 2013)

  1. What a great story! I can certainly relate to that awkward moment of seeing someone from the past–you want to say hi but fear the awkwardness that happens if the other person doesn’t remember. EEP! I am SO glad Jerrid remembered her, and must have taken notice of her in the past if he remembered her name right away. I like Jerrid. He’s a good character, Tena. I would love to see you put him in other stories… or just write his. 🙂

    Well done, girl!


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