Memories of Granny (My WWBH Story for August 28, 2013)


Casey gently picked up the flowery napkin and napkin ring, handling it with exquisite care.  The ring had been a gift from her grandma Mary when she had turned 16.  “For your hope chest” she had explained.  Casey had believed that her grandmother would still be alive to see her married.

Outside her new husband was busy working.  She could see him in her mind sitting tall up on their mule.  “Come on little Dogie” He would call out in his loud booming voice.  But even for his loud booming voice, Chuck had a gentle spirit and a tender heart.  He always put others before himself. Granny Mary (as all the kids had called Grandma) would have loved Chuck.  He had many of the same thoughts and opinions that she had (even though they had never met.

A smile came to Casey’s lips, her eyes tear-stained, as her memory took her beloved Granny, who had died a few years before she had met Chuck.  From the very beginning, as a toddler, Casey remembered sitting in Granny’s kitchen watching her cook.  As she grew older, Granny had taken on the task of teaching her to cook – something she had not taken the time to do with the others.  “Cooking is both a science and an art.” she could still hear Granny exclaiming, “You are the only one who has shown the patience and true desire to learn this.”  To this day Casey still loved to cook following the lessons she had learned from Granny all those years ago.

Casey had been in college when she got word from her parents that Granny was suffering from acute, sudden-onset, Neurosis.  The doctor had decided to forgather the entire family to discuss her situation.  The Neurosis, he had explained, had been brought on by an infection in her body that had worked it’s way into her brain.  The prognosis wasn’t good.  Granny would require around-theclock-care.  The decision was made to put her in an Assisted-Living Center.  Despite having the best medical care that could be offered, the infection eventually affected Granny’s physically health as well and she began to waste away.

During those last days, Granny had kept the flowery napkin clutched tightly in her hand refusing to let go of it.  Only in he last moments had she released it to Casey’s hand, “I hear angels coming for me my love” she whispered.  To some, who didn’t believe, it might sound like the neurosis speaking, but she spoke in a firm (but whispered) voice that spoke of being in full grasp of her faculties.  With those words, she she took her final breath………

Casey Put the napkin and ring carefully back in the it’s place of honor and went to finish the special meal she had prepared for her and her husband’s first anniversary.

Words to be used:


Dogie (yes that is spelled right – NOT Doggy)




7 thoughts on “Memories of Granny (My WWBH Story for August 28, 2013)

  1. Tena, this is such a sweet and endearing story. I really love it. The part where granny says, “I hear angels coming for me, my love” made me cry. It reminded me of sitting by my grandmother’s side on the day she died. There was a moment when my mom and I noticed my grandmother focusing on something in the room. She had been sleeping and/or unresponsive, but in this one moment it was as if she were totally focused on something… my mom and I believe it was angels.

    Thanks for this story, Tena. I truly connected with it in a personal way; I appreciate you as a friend and a writer.


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