Dreams Don’t Come True (My WWBH Story – Aug 03)

I know I’m late but here’s the story for last weeks WWBH Blog Hop (I’ll have the kick off for this week up in a bit)


“Ughhhh,” Jasmine thought, fanning herself with one of Robert’s magazines, as she listened to him snore “What a time for the Air Conditioning to go out.” She wondered how he could sleep in this heat. Jasmine was sure it must be over 110 outside.

The cover of the magazine she held had a picture of a large yacht, not that she had really paid attention, but it was hard to miss the pretentious looking thing. Robert, of course was enamored of it. As he was most “high ticket” items. He was always talking about “some day”..,, Some day, when they were rich he’d buy all sorts of fancy items. He spoke of pampering Jasmine and their daughter Gena. But Jasmine wasn’t interested in pampering, not for herself or their young daughter.

They had moved to New York nearly a year ago because, according to Robert, it was a “place to make dreams come true”, but as far as Jasmine was concerned that was a myth. She thought of the song “New York, New York”. Certainly, if you could make it here you could anywhere. This place was brutal. Instead of the dream living Robert had gone on and on about they were living in this god-forsaken high-rise apartment building in a tiny 1 room apartment.

While she supported her husbands dream of being on stage, she wished he would be serious about looking for work so they could make ends meet instead of this shoe string budget (if you could call it that).

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