Turned to stone: My WWBH story


One minute Melody was sitting in an old conestoga wagon enjoying the beautiful scenery while half listening to the idle chatter her travel-mates. She had just been about to reach into her small pack for one of the juicy navel oranges she had packed from the small orchard she had calked home for as long as she could remember, when the wagon suddenly began to bounce and lurch violently. Melody felt herself being jostled about, then suddenly she felt as if she were hurtling through space and time.

The next thing Melody was aware of was sitting on a park bench with a book in one hand and a banana in the other. She shook her head trying to make sense of where she was, and what was going on. A bunch of kids were playing with a ball of some sort. Two inparticular caught her eye. There was something significant about them…. About the ball….. They could not both kick the ball at the same time. Melody didn’t know how or why she knew this, she just did. She saw the two running towards the ball and she tried to cry out a warning – anything to stop them. Too late they connected with the ball at the same time, instantly turning to a pewter like stone.

Melody’s heart felt like it was going to burst. She felt like screaming, and then she was…. Or was she? The sound seemed to come from within her or at least in her head. And yet it was surrounding her too. The sound grew more intense, and Melody found herself holding her hand over her ears her eyes squeezed tight.

When she was able to open her eyes again, Melody found a man standing right in front of her. There was something odd this man, something timeless and bigger than life…. AND something familiar….. A light bulb went on inside her mind. She had been aware of his presence on her mind just before she found herself hurtling throw time. She, somehow, knew that he had something to do with the book she had found herself holding on the bench. ” sharks ?” Melody whispered aloud, “I don’t even like sharks. And bananas, yuck” The man simply shrugged wide shoulders. “And why didn’t I arrive sooner? In time to actually do something” she continued motioning to the 2 children who were now immobilized in stone.

words used

Shark. Navel. Wagon Banana. Bulb


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