It Gets Easier!! Doesn’t It??

I recently read Leanne’s posts on her own experiences in parenting (links to thise stories posted below) and it got me thinking about my current journey with my own son as we deal with *gasp* pre-teen years.”


Things are suppose to get easier over time aren’t they. I mean the more you practice, the better you become – right?!?

HA!!! Seems that isn’t the case when it comes to parenting….. Parenting is one of those life long learning processes in which just when you think you’ve got the rules figured out, the rules go and change on you.

You think you got your baby figured out, And BAM – they become a toddler…..

You think you have your toddler figured out, And BAM – they become a pre-schooler……

You think you have your pre-Schooler figured out, And…… Well you get the idea.

Seems this repeats itself all the way through-out childhood into the teen years…… Ohhh and you can get rid of any thinking you have that your second will be easier. You might be technically correct, the mechanics of parenting Certainly do get easier. However, one must also keep in mind that every child is different. What worked with child one will not necessarily work with child two and you may find yourself having to learn the process all over again. But, as I only have the one son (though I did live with a family of 7 kids), this is outside of my realm of expertise.

Currently my own son is currently entering his pre-teen years. Add to that, the fact that he seems to show some signs of aspergers and you have a roller coaster of a ride. It is oftentimes hard to know if the displays of anger are due to the aspergers (ie: frustration at not being able to communicate ideas / Inability to easily transition) or that of a boy entering into manhood and testing his limits. I should add here that he’s starting to show signs of posturing(?)….. You know, where they try to make self look bigger & aggressive so as to intimidate.  Normal I’m sure and as his parents, my hubby and I have to find that balance of letting him flex his “machoness” and making it clear that we are the parents and that he does not get to ride roughshod over us.  Incidentally, there are no “easy” nor “correct” answers to this.  You pretty much “wing” it each and every time.

There are many a day when I have no idea what to do and I know the worst is yet to come (cue: teenage years & hormones). Yep, the teenage years are around the corner, but let’s not rush things shall we?! Still got another year plus to go on that one.

Despite the roller-coaster ride effect, I’m sure that (somehow – God’s Grace, etc) we will get through this and come out the other end intact….  After all,  as with everything, it is only a stage and (based on experience with other teenagers I’ve been around) they do come out of it (at some point)….  Now to just hold on till that point.

The stories that prompted this post:
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Leanne, if your reading this, those pop quiz moments never go away, they just get more difficult and more intense.


2 thoughts on “It Gets Easier!! Doesn’t It??

  1. AACK! I am so scared of the teen years! But I hope I can count on you as a comrade in motherhood… a mama who has gone before me and gained the wisdom and encouraging insight of the teenage species. 🙂

    I love your point about “winging it.” Out of all the articles and books and blogs about child rearing and development, I usually just end up doing just that. Learning by trial and error because as you said, every kidlet is different and they don’t always fit the generalized mold.

    Thanks for sharing this, Tena. This is probably in my top five posts you’ve ever posted! And not because my posts help you birth yours (pardon the pun!), but because you are so easy going and relatable when it comes to this “mothering thing.” Thanks for the warning about those pop quizzes! 😉


    • LOL Love the pun :-). Not sure how much help I’d be in the mother mentoring department, but certainly willing to listen and offer what I can in way of advise (such as it might be).


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