#DailyPrompt: My Dream Home

Well, let’s see…. I suppose I could go all out, with all the bells & whistles, and lots of rooms and all. But unless this “dream home” comes equipped with maid service and such, The maintenance and upkeep would soon become overwhelming.

I wouldn’t mind having a second-story with a balcony, as long as there was a way for my husband (who is in a wheelchair) to get up there also. I remember one of the houses I lived in as a child had a balcony and I used to love to go out there whenever I could. My favorite thing to do up there was to flypaper airplanes, that I had made, down to the ground below.

One extremely important feature would be the accessibility of the kitchen. Between my husband being in a wheelchair and me being short, most standard designed kitchens are not practical for either of us. I would want lowered counters and lowered top cabinets. In the lower cabinets I would actually prefer drawers rather than doors or pullout trays. From my husband’s point of view a side swing oven door is much more preferable than the standard front swing door.

Moving on to the rest of the house…… Really, something with open floor-plan is the best for us. To be honest I like the openness of the “great room” of the house we are in now.


Another extremely important feature is the ability for my husband to easily get into all bedrooms and bathrooms. Grab bars by toilets and showers are a necessity and one by the closet door also a plus.

Oh yeah, one last thing which perhaps should have been at the front………. The ability to get in and out of the house easily through the front door, back door ,and garage.


One thought on “#DailyPrompt: My Dream Home

  1. I already have a three story, six bedroom, 3 bath house on seven acres, and the mortgage will be paid off in a year or two. Since I’m diabetic, I’m thinking eventually we’ll use the basement bedroom with it’s sliding glass door. If I was in a wheel chair, I’d need a sidewalk down the side of the house to the front. Right now I’d love an indoor sunken tub for two with jacoozi jets. what I want and what’s practical are not always the same thing.


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