#DailyPrompt: It’s Opposite Day

Too be honest I’m not sure what category I really fit into (see today’s Daily Prompt) – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Photos, Poems (ok the latter two, not so much). So maybe I cheat & pick the 2 common (Fiction & Non-Fiction).

Soooooo……. A photo & A poem


Do I want out or do I want in?
To my human parents indecision is a sin.

It’s really much to warm out there
With all my kitty hair

But the smells out there are so inviting
I’m having such a tough time deciding

So maybe I’ll just sit here in the door
And let my parents think me a boor

(Written from point of view of MeekaKitty)

This post part of the Daily Prompt Challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/daily-prompt-opposite/


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