#DailyPrompt: Who would Write My Biography Right?

So, who would I want to write my biography?

Well if I had a biography worth writing I would have to say that I would choose Leanne of writings and Ruminations. Leanne has such a sweet and caring nature, and she does a beautiful job on what she writes. Her blog-posts are always so well written and thought out, that I often find myself pulled into them.

The other person I would probably choose would be Jodi Ambrose . If you read Jodi’s blogs, you will often find yourself laughing your fricking ass off. I would just love to see what kind of biography she came up with for me. No doubt I’d be rolling off of my chair laughing hysterically.

This post was part of the Daily Prompt

note: above I put the link for Jodi Ambrose’s website. Here is link to her blog


6 thoughts on “#DailyPrompt: Who would Write My Biography Right?

  1. Shame you didn’t ask me we could have done a trilogy. Leanne sweet and caring, Jodi hysterically funny, then me morose and pragmatic 😛


  2. It would be an honor to write your biography, girl! The fact you would trust me with your life-story is the best compliment I’ve ever received! I bet your life would be a blast to write about. 🙂


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