Granddaddy’s Dream


Got above pic from

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fiction Blog. All credit goes to original photographer!

People thought he was crazy having a grave in the middle of his backyard and the goats just added to the element of weirdness. But granddaddy Robert had insisted that he be buried here on this land and had insisted that Jimmy would be the one to inherit the land in the event of his death.

This house, this land had been Robert’s dream back when there had been no one else for miles. The goats had been his dream too and had been like pets to him. He had insisted that the goats would always have a home here on the land.


10 thoughts on “Granddaddy’s Dream

  1. Dear Jot,

    If this is your first time, a hearty welcome to Friday Fictioneers! If it’s not, pardon my distraction. 😉

    Granddaddy Robert was his own man, wasn’t he? As for me I think I’d like to be buried at sea, that way no one’s going to dance on my grave. Unique take on the prompt. Nice one. .




    • Rochelle,
      Yes, this is my 1st “Friday Fictioneers” story. Look forward to doing more 🙂

      By the way my name is Tena (spelled with an “e” and NOT short for Christina or anything like that ;-))

      Thanks for allowing me to join. Love these challenges

      Shalom (שלם)


  2. “…this land had been Roberts dream…” – needs an apostrohe after Robert – Robert’s – the dream belongs to Robert

    Now on to the more important stuff like burying people on their land (I would love to be buried on my land if they would allow it) and I would also turn it into a goat farm. i would be honored to have the goats around this old goat. Randy


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