Fourth of July, No Celebration (My WWBH story – June 03, 2013)

In keeping with the fact that the Forth of July is right around the corner (tomorrow)  I decided to base my story on that and on what a young soldier might have to deal with.
The Photo by Kristoffer Sorensen:

John walked along the beach the sand squishing between his toes as he walked along.  In the distance, beach-goers  enjoyed their “beach-time”  strolling, swimming, sunning  all that fun stuff that he had once enjoyed doing.  But now?  Now he was only here because he needed to be because the therapist had said that the best way to get over the grief that was weighing him down was to face what happened, face the area in which it happened.  Okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly where the incident had occurred, but it was the closest he could come for now.  He knew that the people here on the beach (as well as all over the nation) would soon be settling down to the one of the biggest celebrations of the year – Hell he had once been one of those folks.  Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Beer, Soda and the Fire Works, the whole shabang……..  John shuttered at the thought of the word…..  ShaBANG  that’s exactly what had happened and in in instant his best friend and comrade was gone, gone forever.  Just a thin cord like trigger, running across the darkened beach that they had landed on,  not even noticed until it was too late.

Thoughts of celebration brought a bitter taste to his mouth.  There would be no more celebrating for Timothy.  Hell, he hadn’t even gotten to celebrate his 21st birthday (which was just a week from that day).  Timothy had been excited about turning 21, about being able to legally go into any bar and order ANY drink he desired (he’d never get that opportunity now).  And of course, Timothy had insisted that he would have to order his absolute favorite Chocolate Custard.

John pulled himself back to the present….  Wallowing in the memories wasn’t going to change anything, wasn’t going to alter the past.  Best he deal with reality rather than memories and myth.

The Five Words:

11 thoughts on “Fourth of July, No Celebration (My WWBH story – June 03, 2013)

  1. We don’t celebrate 4th July in the UK so reading about what it means to people is very interesting. Your story was very poignant and heartfelt.


  2. I love reading these that pack so much information with few words. It’s a talent. I guess we all find ourselves thinking about life and a beach is a wonderful place to do that–I need to get to the beach more than a few times in my life. Well done!


  3. You had me there on the beach, watching John walking along the sand – watching the others preparing for celebration. Nicely done 🙂


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