Treasure Your Children Always.

This a true story that was told to me many years ago….. I don’t have any of the details, just the story itself….

Treasure Your Kids Always

It may seem strange to some but in this particular family, each morning before heading off to school, the son would climb into bed with mom & dad for a bit of family time. I don’t recall the age of the son, only that he was old enough to drive. Before you shake your head at the ridiculousness of this action, read on……

One morning the son came in to say good morning to his parents, climbing into bed as always. He said his good-byes as usual and headed out the door…. He NEVER made it home. Later the parents would learn that he had died instantly in a car accident. There last memory, the one they would keep with them ALWAYS is that precious moments shared earlier that morning.


2 thoughts on “Treasure Your Children Always.

  1. This made me cry. And gave me very precious perspective on something my husband and I were talking about last night. Thank you for sharing this, Tena.


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